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Wind Farm Investors

Wind Farm Investors

It has been estimated that twenty years from now, wind energy could produce 20% of America’s energy a study by the Energy Department has found. That can be compared to today where only 1% is created in this way. It is widely accepted also that diversification of investment is they key to profit making and also one of the best ways of mitigating risk.

RENPower Investments Group is a Netherlands based investor & developer with over 50 megawatts of solar photovoltaic and wind power currently installed across Europe. Recent expansion into developing EU markets means capacity is expected to reach 300 MW over the next three years – a significant contribution to the continent’s renewable energy supply targets – with the ultimate aim of creating a pan-European green energy utility company.

In addition to current photovoltaic and wind turbine projects, we are directly involved in the research and development of diverse technologies including hydroelectric, tidal, combined heat and power, direct heat generation and hybrid technology innovation.

Renpower Looking For Wind Farm Investment Opportunities

Considering that wind power production has increased more than 500% since 2000, we actively invest in wind farm projects and are proud to call ourselves ‘wind farm investors‘. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your project.