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Finance & Development

Solar and Wind Energy Investors

As a self-financing technology supplier and investor, REN power are in the unique position of being able to offer 100% financed bespoke delivery platforms for energy projects. Whether you are a local authority, developer or individual, our aim is to deliver risk-optimised access to renewable energy in both the public and private sector. Through detailed analysis of available state incentives, custom financial models can be applied to each project. These include:

  • Power Purchase Agreements – Under a PPA, RENpower effectively replace the conventional utility company. Energy generated by the renewable system is then purchased by the end user at a lower rate than offered by the grid operator.
  • Lease Agreements – In return for FiT revenue, under a lease agreement, RENpower offer free installations and free energy in addition to rental payments if applicable.
  • Joint Venture – Requiring the establishment of a seperate company or ‘single purpose vehicle’, (SPV), joint ventures offer shared FiT returns on shared capital investment.

REN Power Investment 2008 – 2012

2008-2010 2011 2012
Total Installed Capacity (MW) 35 18 65
Investment Costs (Million GBP) 83 37 125
Equity (Million GBP) 20 11 38
Project Finance Facilities (Million GBP) 63 26 87

2010 Consolidated Financial Results

Revenues EUR 8.6 million (GBP 7 Million)
Cost EUR 1 million (GBP 0.8 Million)
EBITDA EUR 7.6 million (GBP 6.3 Million)
EBIT EUR 4.1 million (GBP 3.4 Million)

2011 Consolidated Estimated Financial Results

Revenues EUR 13.8 million (GBP 11.4 Million)
Cost EUR 2.5 million (GBP 2.1 Million)
EBITDA EUR 11.3 million (GBP 9.3 Million)
EBIT EUR 5.3 million (GBP 4.4 Million)

Solar Energy Investment

With natural resources dwindling and the potential dangers to the environment of nuclear energy being only too obvious, solar energy investment provides a clean, infinite and growing investment opportunity for investors.

With many blue chip corporate organisations beginning to see the benefit of solar energy investment in terms of ongoing power generation and diversification, it is a good omen for the future of the industry and one which Renpower will be taking full advantage of.