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Alternative Energy Investment Services

A medium-sized Wind Farm

A medium-sized Wind Farm

What to expect from Renpower when looking for investment in Wind or PV Solar projects

In order to make sure you get the most from an alternative renewable energy system we first meet with you for a full review of your energy needs. At this initial meeting we gather as much information as possible. Architectural factors such as insulation, availability of space, structure and orientation of buildings are the immediate priority followed by an analysis of historical and current energy consumption. From this we can calculate the type of energy supply you need most, whether heating, electrical or a hybrid combination incorporating different systems into the available structures. This general review of your energy consumption, and projected future energy requirements, as well as meteorological factors specific to your location, will enable us to move on to the next stage involving the production of a preliminary system design for approval.

Once a proposed design has been accepted a full technical survey will take place. Our engineers will create finished working plans for a system tailored to your facilities, ensuring maximum efficiency and maximum supply within the limitations of the site and incorporating whichever technologies are best adapted to your needs. At this stage we will work closely with you to develop the best possible financial model, with guidance through planning and processing. We will also take care of all state incentive applications and associated paperwork.

Alternative Renewable Energy Funds

When we are through the design, planning and finance process we are ready to install. Equipment supply and installation is fully project managed with every effort to minimize impact on the daily running of your business. Once operational, we follow up with regular inspections and maintenance to ensure your system performs to its maximum capability for years to come.