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  • RENPower Investments website launches!

    Clean Energy Investment RENPower Investments is proud to announce the launch of our new website, With the new website, RENPower aims to provide key information about its services and projects as it continues to expand its efforts in the UK and EU renewables market. For more information about what RENPower can offer for your renewable energy needs, visit the Services page or the Finances page. For examples of previous and ongoing projects, ...

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  • The World’s Largest Wind Farm

    The UK has a long history of investing in renewable energy and with the opening of the largest wind farm in the world, has claimed its place as a world leader in the wind power industry. Despite the benefit to the economy of such a large investment in renewable energy, opinions have ranged from complimentary to scathing. Walney is the location of ...

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  • Labour Encourages Alternative Investments

    In the first week of February, Caroline Flint, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, made a speech outlining Labours policies for tackling climate change. Of course, her speech was a long one and I will touch on just some of her points. Labour wants all users of electricity to be producers as well as consumers of electricity. ...

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  • ADB Close to Approving $1.5bn Renewable Energy Fund

    A representative of the ADB (The Asian Development Bank) is confident that approval from the board is like for a $1.5 billion renewable energy fund to increase the number of renewable energy projects in the region. This fund has taken over a year and a half to gather (from government and pension funds) and will aim to ...

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  • Alternative Investments in Farm Energy?

    Despite the surge in alternative investments, renewable energy systems and programmes for energy savings on farms, agriculture still relies on fossil fuels and this is a little detrimental to the nationwide environmental concerns. In this year’s Green Energy Farmer of the Year category for the 2012 Farmers Weekly Awards several candidates will be hoping to change this reliance The green energy industry was ...

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