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Energy Trends and Quarterly Energy Prices report released

Posted at July 16, 2012 | By : | Categories : News | 0 Comment

The launch of the latest Energy Trends and Quarterly Energy Prices report for energy usage and generation in the United Kingdom shows encouraging signs for those investing in renewable energy funds. More accurate statistics for the entire year of 2011 have been released in the report, which details encouraging statistics. Output rose in that year to 34,410GWh, an increase of one third on the year before. Not only that, but the capacity of renewable energy has increased by 36 percent.

The statistics are positive, but so too are details concerning energy conservation. People seem to be turning off their lights and their televisions, with total primary usage of energy falling by more than two percent according to some statistics, but just over one percent with weather conditions factored in.

Noteworthy too is the fact that fossil fuels still dominate when it comes to powering the national grid. Gas has seen a drop in use – a record low in the last 14 years – due to its high price. Twenty seven percent of all energy came from gas. Coal fired plants took up forty two percent of all energy. While territories such as China may look at ways to maximise the use of fossil fuels in their plants, it may be seen as politically naïve to do so in Western democracies.

Increases from all forms of clean energy generation have been seen. The move to ean fuel is also attractive to inward investment to Britain. With targets set in many developed countries of a fifth of all fuel being derived from renewables by 2020, Britain looks set to reach this target if renewable energy funds continue to be invested in, and government schemes are encouraged and developed. The industry has touted the increase in renewable energy as an indicator that the United Kingdom’s national energy grids are set for significant gains in deriving its electricity from renewables.