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Renewable Energy Investments and Development.

At any given moment the Sun provides us with more than 20,000 times the entire human race’s energy requirements. The challenge we face is in finding ways to harness this free energy cost-effectively.

RENPower Investments Group is a Netherlands based investor & developer with over 50 megawatts of solar photovoltaic and wind power currently installed across Europe. Recent expansion into developing EU markets means capacity is expected to reach 300 MW over the next three years - a significant contribution to the continent’s renewable energy supply targets - with the ultimate aim of creating a pan-European green energy utility company.

In addition to current photovoltaic and wind turbine projects, we are directly involved in the research and development of diverse technologies including hydroelectric, tidal, combined heat and power, direct heat generation and hybrid technology innovation.

The renewable energy industry allows investors the opportunity to invest in clean energy. Green or solar energy investment is a sensible way to expand a portfolio and allows for changes in the energy sector in the future.

Private Sector & Commercial Alternative Energy Investment

green energy investments

Whatever your business requirements, non-conventional energy options can offer huge savings. With a variety of financial models available, a renewable energy system tailored to your needs can produce instant results, streamlining your business by reducing energy costs while adding an asset to your premises with financial benefits continuing for many years into the future.

Public Sector Clean Energy Investment

solar energy investments, clean energy, alternative energy funding

Working in tandem with local authorities, NGO’s and not-for–profit organizations, we offer renewable energy solutions to Schools, hospitals, social housing groups, care homes and other social organizations, helping to redirect vital resources otherwise burned up by spiralling energy bills in economically challenging times.